Your Builder Cares

Your builder is sending this page to you because he/she knows the solutions I will show to you will put money back in your pocket each and every month and lower your overall cost of owning your new beautiful home they built for you.

Q. Would you invest $5 a month to get back each month $40?

Q.  Whats is the value of $35 more in your mortgage at 4% ….. $28,000

Q.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see your energy bill $35-$60+ less than your neighbors energy bill…and each year the price of energy goes up your savings are locked in and only get bigger each year?

Your builder wants you to enjoy a much lower energy bill each month.

Then why doesn’t everybody invest $5 more a month in their homes mortgage to get back $35+ a month in energy savings?

Realtors show properties in the range a new home buying couple feels they can afford relative to sales prices their budget can fit.  Realtors need a column to show OVERALL COST OF OWNING THIS HOME.  If the home the couple want to chose has an additional $10,000 in upgrades in insulation that drops their energy bill by approx 15% ($35 for avg home) the home many times appears out of the couples range.  But when the couple can see that THIS home has special insulating upgrades that makes the home overall more affordable each month then they would chose the slightly more expensive home with the insulation upgrades.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStandard Insulation     Upgraded Insulation
Mortgage Expense:                 1310                                  1315                      $240,000,  4%,  30 yrs
Monthly Energy Bill                 $135                                   $95
Overall Monthly Cost:       $1445                                 $1410

What would you do with the extra $35+ a month…  get many of the upgrades you thought were out of your budget?  It’s your saved money … spend it as you wish.

Which home would you chose?

But our Realtors MLS system isn’t set up that way yet … but its coming! …  there is no column now for OVERALL COST OF OWNING THIS HOME.  This would show the builders skills in bringing the best combination of products that might make the home’s sales price more expensive but less expensive to own OVERALL and isn’t that the goal!

Sealed Crawl Space 2

US Government Energy Star Website talks about why seal your homes thermal envelope

Your Builder knows that:
1.  Sealing the crawl space instead of just insulating the crawl ceiling with fiberglass drastically improves the homes air quality as it also reduces the homes energy cost by roughly 15%-18%.  With a sealed crawl space a builder can reduce the tonnage of the AC unit by a 1/2 ton.
Average American home needs 1 AC Tons per 500 square feet of living space
Sealing your crawl or Sealing your Attic you would only need 1 AC Ton per 750 sf of living space
-smaller unit demands less energy, thereby saving you money each month.

2.  Sealing your Attic with spray foam will also reduce the tonnage the same as sealing your crawl space.

Sealing your crawl space AND Sealing your attic reduce the AC tonnage needed by 1 AC Ton can now handle 1000 sf of living space.  Thereby reducing your energy cost in HALF!

Standard Home: xxxxxxxxxx1 AC ton  heats and cools 500 square feet of living space
Sealing Attic or Crawl: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx750
Sealing both Attic and Crawl: XXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXX1000

Less A/C tonnage is needed the more you seal your homes thermal envelope

On a $240,000 home would you spend an additional $47 for both Sealed Crawl and Sealed Attic.
Average energy bill for $240,000 homes is $140/m.    50% is $70.
Would you spend $47 more in your mortgage to save the first month and every month thereafter $70+.
When energy prices increase, your mortgage stays constant so your saving gets greater when energy costs rise.  Which means each year you save more for investing wisely as you purchased your home.

ASK YOUR BUILDER what they feel about Sealing your Crawl and Sealing your attic.

This video explains why Sealing your homes THERMAL ENVELOPE reduces your monthly bill.


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