Why Choose Sealed Solution?

Sealed Solution was formed after working for one of the area’s busiest Crawl Space Encapsulation Company.  After researching all the area competition, and thoroughly investigating the product they delivered,  I KNEW I COULD BRING A BETTER PRODUCT FOR A BETTER PRICE.

Sealed Solution is not a One Solution Fits All company!

Better product:
-The Seal Solution company owner is in your crawl space as we perform your custom crawl space solution to ensure you are getting our BEST service.

-The Sealed Solution Team focuses on delivering quality over quantity.  We focus on delivering a premium product and simply don’t take short cuts.

Better Price
Many company’s have too many partners/Joint Venture Partners or middle management and cannot deliver a GREAT product at a reasonable price.  We know our Solution to seal your crawl space is the TOP in our field while still maintaining a more reasonable investment.

  •   Ask yourself this question:  Do you and others work harder and do a better job when the Owner of the company is on the job next to you.  Does the product come out better.  YES!  My name is on the product and my credibility is on the line, employee’s left unattended can sometimes carry an attitude that…”Its not my house…so shortcuts that cant be seen are allowed”.  Many other companies say there too busy to check all work, which means there is no guarantee of quality only a trained eye can see. When the Owner is on the job employee’s could lose their job over such indifference to excellent quality! NOT AT SEALED SOLUTION!
  • Owner is on each job because he can control the quality and does not want to get to big so that layers of management takes away from a company’s ability to also apply quality checks.  This may lead to diminished quality at still a premium price.
  • Each project is graded by the owner and given a score and employee’s are paid according to “Attention to Detail”.  Owner always leaves job at a 100% solution.
  • You want to trust your home with a company that is credible and has a lot of experience under their belt.  With over 1000++ satisfied homeowners, Sealed Solution looks forward to bringing you your homes customized solution.
  • You will receive the craftsmanship from long-term employees that have satisfied many other homeowners just like yourself.
  • You want the job done right the first time around, and that is what Sealed Solution promises to bring.
  • You will receive top rated customer service from beginning to end, and we will continue to be there if any problems shall arise.
  • Properly grading your crawl space floor is KEY to the success of your sealed crawl space.  Without proper debris removal and ground conditioning the sealing process and ability to keep mold out will be greatly limited.
    Many company’s rush this foundational process to fit more jobs in each day and what your left with might look acceptable today but leaves your crawl space and homes air quality more susceptible to fail under future conditions.

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