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For just under $100 per year ($24 electricity + $70 replacement bulb)

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Air Conditioning coil soiled without UV protection only after 2 years
-This significantly reduces are flow and makes your blower fan work harder and longer aging your unit and costing you more money each day.


UV Light protected Air Conditioning Coils after 2 years
-How would you look like if you stayed in a tanning bed for an hour…now 2 years…that’s what UV Light does to viruses, allergens, dust, molds and other growths.  This is your homes OVERALL defense against airborn bad guys that is vigilant and working for you every time your AC turns on.  UV bulbs come in 1 year or 2 year bulbs.  We use the 2 year bulb and contact you 23 months out to set up a quick appointment to replace your UV light bulb.


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