The term for the situation when warm air enters home from the foundation vents, gets trapped and rises through the hundreds of holes in the floor then proceeds to rise through the home until it leaves out of your attic soffet vents.  All the while your AC is working hard to cool this constant flow of air. Crawl Space Encapsulation Raleigh
Crawl Space Encapsulation Raleigh

SHUTTING DOWN where warm air enters the home drastically reduces the load on the AC thereby reducing energy cost by 16%-24% in the home.  While also creating much drier cooler “crispier” air.

50% of a home’s air, with foundation vents, comes from their crawl space.

This air passes over the moldy plastic20150901_102605Then passes by the moist moldy beams
Crawl Space Encapsulation RaleighThrough the moldy critter infested insulation
15 Beaver Ridge Drive, www.Sealed, 15 Beaver Ridge Drive Youngsville, 15 Beaver Ridge dr, 15 Beaver Ridge Dr Youngsville, 15 Beaver Ridge Drive Youngsville NC, 15 Beaver Ridge Dr youngsville nc;Then passes through your floor:  if its a wood floor … eventually cupping the floor
Crawl Space Encapsulation Raleigh

Sealing the foundation vents
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stops warm humid air from entering the home.  So it no longer passes by the mold made in this humid environment and then travels into the home thereby GREATLY ELEVATING the homes quality of air.

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