Chris-Garner    (Before After Video)

Our 15 year old house has been a bit of a money pit, so it was no surprise to discover our crawlspace had deteriorated from moisture problems. Although I rarely visit the crawlspace, when I did, I noticed the space and dirt floor was always damp. It was coming from the HVAC system condensation, and our back patio had sunken down and towards the foundation. I knew about that, but never realized it was funneling water right into the crawlspace. In the summer time, the crawlspace looked like a rain forest from the condensation. I started looking for a fix and discovered this “sealing” repair method, and it sounded like what we needed.
I talked to Matt at Sealed Solution, and scheduled an evaluation and estimate. He was very accommodating and prompt. His prices were ‘much better’ than the competition, and although this is not an inexpensive process, we felt it was the only real solution for a permanent fix. Our biggest concern, of course, was mold. If we let this go further, we would be faced with a huge remediation problem .
So, we hired both a firm to lift the concrete patio to correct that problem, and Sealed Solution to correct the crawlspace. They removed the nasty insulation, thoroughly cleaned up the joist of dirt and mold and treated all the wood. They also insulated the foundation walls, sealed the vents, trenched and graveled wet areas, installed two drains, and completely sealed the crawlspace, including foundation piers, and even the base of the water heater. If the water heater blows, again, it’ll drain down to the plastic and out the exit drain. If the bottom rusts out, water will flow down a gravel drainage ditch and out. They even installed a UV light in the air handler to kill airborne organisms, and insulated and sealed the entrance door.
When the job was done, I was taken on a crawlspace tour. The first impression was ‘WOW, no way a crawlspace is supposed to look this good! It was spotless, and looked perfect! Even the entrance door had a wireless remote on/off switch for the strings of lights they installed to light the place up. If I did that good of a job, I’d want to show it off, too! Oh yes, Matt also installed a remote temp/humidity meter and we can monitor the space’s condition from inside our house. Nice touch!
On a final note, it didn’t take but just a couple days before we noticed our house smelled much better! We had no idea that crawlspace air circulated through our home. I would recommend Sealed Solution to anyone looking for someone that will do a great job for you.