Don’t let these words hit your SELLERS Home Inspection Report.


You know what a hassle it is to sell a property that the inspection report comes back with the words “GROWTH” on it describing the crawl space condition.  I have heard buyers wanting entire duct systems cleaned if not replaced for just a few spots of mold seen on a crawl space joist!


The Sealed Solution Team wants to be your “Valued Business Partner” and want to increase your Buyers Agent Value Proposition by allowing Sealed Solution to due a PRE Home Inspection Inspection.

We can give you an honest opinion and if need be take care affordably any incidents that might trigger an inspector to have concern.  Many times I simply move a few pieces of vapor barrier and put back in place and put up the few pieces of fallen insulation.  I don’t charge a little assist which your Seller will appreciate.  Many times it simply moving the temporary plastic back in place or possibly adding a few pieces of vapor barrier to ensure the inspector gives a thumbs up!  At $.40 a sq foot most services like this are only $100-$200 investment at cost paying for labor and materials.

Maybe for lightly moldy crawls the Team can do a quick sponge wipe to eliminate the appearance of mold.  Sometimes on more moldy crawls a simple sealing of the crawl floor (video) WITHOUT pulling the insulation and sanitizing and replacing insulation on the walls.

Some Selling clients who know their crawl is a humid moldy mess and don’t want that on the report to slow down the Buyers progress so they will do a complete sanitizing of the crawl, pulling all old moldy dirty insulation down and re-insulating the walls (video).

This service brings YOU as the Selling Agent a more competitive home to sell since now the home will have:

1.  16%-24% lower energy bills
2.  Greatly elevated air quality and comfort of the home.
3.  Hard wood floors wont buckle from rising crawl humidity
4.  AC lasts considerably longer due to less burden on it.
5.  Far less bad allergy occurrences.
6.  Floors are cool in Summer and warm in Winter.
7.  Great area for storing things that need CONDITIONED air unlike the 130+ degree attic.
8.  No crickets, mice and snakes beneath there feet in there crawl … there sealed out permanently.

You the SELLING Agent are our client and we want to assist you in helping your Seller sell their home with the minimal hassle in the shortest amount of time with the best buying offer.

We look forward to doing your crawl space PRE Home Inspection.

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