Seal Your Crawl Space For Radon Mitigation

We at Sealed Solution subcontract out Radon Mitigation services.   There is a lot of constant study needed to the subject of Radon mitigation that its fields professionals need to be current with.  There are very expensive equipment that measures many types of radioactivity associated with Radon gas.  These instruments need to be calibrated regularly and placed SPECIFICALLY to bring accurate results!Radon mitigation, crawl space vents, crawl space insulation, crawl space dehumidifier

Radon Mitigation companies will tell you that sealing the crawl will decrease slightly the amount of Radon gas in a crawl space and 50% of the time sealing the crawl space will slightly decrease the amount of Radon gas.

That being said, we have been schooled from several different Radon Mitigation vendors what the perfect crawlspace sealing job would be to make their Radon Mitigation process more effective.  In other words this is how to seal a crawl space if it ever needs Radon Mitigation.

Apart from our Sealed Solution for sealing your crawl space there are micro steps that further bring value to your investment.  These steps we take as our standard steps ensures a tight seal so if Radon Mitigation is needed the seal job is very tight and The Radon Mitigation team you chose will have an easier time because of the tight seal which means you spend less.

We surveyed many Radon Mitigation Teams and asked what they would like the Crawl Space Sealing Team to do to ensure a tight seal so if they have to set their “below plastic vacuum” system in that it has a good seal to draw from for better results.  A tee will be put into the pipe of the SSD system Radon Mitigationand the attaching pipe arm will run into the crawl space and under the plastic then sealed.  The fan then pulls air from under the plastic and drawing it outside and out above your roof line.

To make this seal better … what they recommended we perform in our standard Sealed Crawl Service.
1.  Air tight Mastic seal the plastic around the perimeter wall and push plastic to form an air tight seal before attaching Insulation.
2.  Lift crawl objects on top of ground or dig under for room to put plastic sheet underneath instead of cutting plastic and foam sealing… which never seals air tight.



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