Sealed Crawl Space
1. Insulate walls with 1.55″ rigid board insulation with radiant barrier, Dow Thermax, with folded up 10 mil. white plastic skirt. Leaving 3 in on top and bottom per code.
2. Fireblock expanding foam seal top of Thermax.
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After home is waterproofed … and has at least tar paper on roof and windows in place we would:
1. Clean entire crawl floor of all construction rubble and roots.
2. Place 6 mil clear poly on entire crawl floor with tape/insulation stays to secure placement
3. Place at least 1 fan if not 2 to reduce chance of mold.
-If crawl is very moist we will put a dehumidifier or two for a week or more to dry out crawl to limit any mold growth.


1. If crawl has lite mold: team will hand wipe with sponge and mold remediation Benefact solution.
2. If crawl has heavy mold we will power spray with Benefact solution entire crawl back to new.
We personally have never had heavy mold unless we have taken over a Finish from another Seal Crawl company.

3. Hydro cement any below grade penetrations not already hydro cemented.

3. 10 mil white poly entire floor.
4. Wrap columns and pillars under AC unit
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5. Insulate and air seal AC unit as it comes into the crawl.

Fireblock Foam all protrusions BEFORE Insulating band joists for optimal Blower Door Test Results.
Seal Band Joist Foam a20141228_103516

6. Insulate Band Joists with unfaced R-19. Insulation Stays used in Durham County.

7. Insulate AND air seal door.
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7. Critter proof drain

1. Foam seal all protrusions in pony wall
2. Fill pony wall cavities with R-19 UNFACED
3. Finish with Radiant Barrier with foil tape sealed


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