12 Oaks  1.12.17   Bobby Mario









No end of day report sent Thursday when assigned nor was an end of day report sent Friday

This builder is out largest account!

-Walking into the crawl it was obvious that very few of the radiant barrier seam were taped.  Even though team came back to complete it the 2nd day so needing more foil tape was no excuse.  The supplies were 10 min away at Retro job. From door you can see a 14 x 2 inch gap in the radiant barrier showing insulation showing NO AIR BARRIER.
-Outlet not cut out neatly to expose just the outlet
-Initial pony wall support beam left in right in the doorway
-2.5 x 20 feet of plastic folded up left in middle of crawl
-Builders commercial fans were taken out
-But our fans were left???? of our fans: one had cut cord and other remained locked to pipe
-Team even went back 2nd day after being at trailer that has keys 10 min away and still didn’t unlock fans and cords from pipe.
-Left Retro where the key was at 10 min away
-Never returned back to the 2nd day of 1300 sf retro that day for an early Friday
-Left 5 rolls of tape in crawl after completing 75% which builder reminded us of.
-8 foot of perimeter 10 mil plastic not taped leaving LARGE gap
-2’x2′ patch of 10 mil laid over temp on not taped
-Hole in block exposing raw ground not foamed to seal away from the ground, mice, snakes and mold but the hole in block next to it is.
-No small tape roll left behind for repair kit
-Door top sides and bottom not foamed…light can be seen through the left side.
-Rough in seam every 20ft was untaped …leaving easy hole for mice and snakes
-Corners not taped