Mold and Moisture

States 25% of homes in America have a mold problem.  CDC
Congress has not set mold as a priority yet, but urgently needs to.
Dr. Michael Gray, one of America’s 2 Mold Experts states “Mold is an area in medicine that is not well taught and not well recognized”.

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Everything you’ve EVER wanted to know about mold by Dr. Andrew Campbell
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Letters from Customers:
“I just found out we have black mold downstairs. I’m taking care of the removal, but I’m still scared to death that we’ve been exposed for about 5 years. Has irreversible damage to our health been done, or will we ever return to 100% health after I get rid of the mold? This seems to be isolated to downstairs and the central air unit is upstairs, so it is never pulling that air. We spend a couple of hours a day down there, but we don’t sleep there. How can we recover??

“after my 4 year mold exposure, i really wish i was dead. i really have nothing to look forward to. i had no way to prove causation from my ex-workplace to any stupid attorneys. the depression is immense turned down for all disability. _ _ _ _ this world and all the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ at the XXXX XXXX in greenville XXXXXXX for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ up my life. i hope they all burn in hell.”

” I’ve been trying to recover from exposure to *Stachy, Pen, and Asper for the last year. I feel better, but have plateaued with numerous remaining symptoms. My Doctor specializes in treating mold, but wonder if this is my new normal?”

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“Thank you for this video. Our lives have been shattered by living in a house with toxic mold for 2 yrs. 2 of my children, my husband and I have gotten better since leaving the house however, my daughter was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia and Asthma and my son was diagnosed with a severe dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System. Our insurance co paid out over half a million dollars in a span of 18 months. I need help with research. Can u contact me at I’m desperate!”

Death by Mold and Indifference — The Dan Pauluk Case

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“WOW!!! I am am finally moving out of a small cottage after long 14.5 years of exposure to black mold :((((… Both my son and I ended up having surgeries due to the toxic effect of black mold, and I developed an asthma. I have major health symptoms and we are moving to a brand new apartment in 10 days.

I truly hope this will improve our health big time. PLEASE, never underestimate the harm and danger of a BLACK MOLD. It can KILL you!!!”

“I thought I was losing my mind. I was bleeding though my nose and saw wavy lines and broke out in blisters all over body. My husband did not react, other than some usually bad headaches. It was when both dogs were hacking and I took to vet that I found it was vents, and it flared my symptoms.”

Great Example of a homeowner with Black Mold spreading spores throughout this entire home

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The best way to spread Black Mold throughout your home is to throw on a respirator… swing a hammer breaking apart the effected area AND NOT SEAL OFF CONTAMINATED AREA WITH NEGATIVE AIRFLOW!

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