Since there are so many ways to seal a crawlspace I want to reemphasize our steps because I think price is important but the solution is paramount:

Our Process:

Remove all old insulation and any old plastic
Clean and grade crawl floor
Treated pressure spray entire crawl ceiling, walls, pillars, pipes, electrical, AC unit …etc
Hydrostatic cement seal below grade penetrations/pipes.
Install 1st plastic layer … clear 6 millimeter thick
Expanding foam seal all penetrations in band joists
Install R-19 insulation in band joists
Change clothes
Install white 10 millimeter plastic
Wrap seal columns
Seal all floor penetrations with expanding foam
Seal all vents with rigid board insulation and expanding foam seal
Install rigid board insulation on entire wall (per code)
Foam seal top of wall insulation
Foam seal sill plate
Install R-19 in band joists
Insulate and seal door
Install critter proof crawl drain
Install 3rd white 6mil and 10 mil layer around door area for added protection giving it 32 mil protection all around door area. 16 mil throughout the entire crawl.
Leave behind repair kit … 100 sq ft white 10 mil plastic and 120+ ft of 4 in. sealing tape.
Leave a remote humidity/temperature device in crawl
*and it transmits to your 1st floor display your 1st floor readings for Temperature and humidity and right next to it is your crawl spaces temp/humidity.  So you always know your crawl space is on track!

110% Guarantee

I truly believe no other company offers so complete and professional installation for a price anywhere close to ours. I look forward to bringing your family a clean, sterilized HIGH AIR QUALITY sealed crawl that gives your home great energy efficiency and stronger resale value.

You neighbors will envy your energy bill and I look forward to sending you great referral bonuses for spreading the good word.

Other Sealed Crawl Videos Before and After:


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