Insulate your Garage with Thermax White

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What a great looking AND economical way to insulate your garage space.

Thermax 1.55″ from Dow is an R-10 rigid board insulation product that comes in either white or a mirrored like finish showing the radiant barrier foil.  The white sheets of Thermax HAVE the same radiant barrier foil, that reflects UV light on both sides,  Dow simply coats it with a flat white outer layer for aesthetic purposes.  Many customers like the white look because it blends into their garage, crawl space or commercial building.  Most clients try the route of spray foam but find that spray foam is expensive per foot for small foam jobs since they have a $80,000+ truck and a 2+ man crew to bring along with them to spray the foam.  Spray foam also needs for two 2 foot strips be taken out of your entire length of the wall board to spray behind the wall board cavity.  Then these two two foot wide and as long as your room holes need to be repaired and mudded and painted.
Simply installing an outer layer of Dow’s White Thermax board has been a great looking and economical way to get back all that lost energy wasted leaving your garage.  The white board is even installed on your garage door and doesn’t impede the door actions because it is installed horizontally following the doors hinge lines for a clean white finish.

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