50% of your homes air comes from your crawl space

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GOLD Seal Crawl Space:crawl space solutions, crawl space encapsulation raleigh, air quality raleigh

17.8%-20% Energy Efficiency, Superior Air Quality!  No critters!

When crawl has moisture, mold, crickets, mice and snakes (VERY POOR AIR QUALITY)
We recommend pulling all dirty insulation and sanitizing crawl bringing it back like it was DAY 1.
SILVER Sealed Crawl Space:crawl space solutions, crawl space encapsulation raleigh
17.8%-20%+ Energy Efficiency, far better air quality,
no new critters!

Recommended for when insulation is mostly in place and little to no signs of mold and critters.

Crawl dirt floor is sealed away from homes air drastically improving air quality. BENEFITS OF SILVER OPTION


BRONZE  Sealed Crawl Space:crawl space solutions, crawl space encapsulation raleigh
17.8% -20%+ Energy Efficiency, far better air quality.


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Crawl Space Solutions Seal Floor 100% Vapor Barrier
$2-$3 per square foot. Lifetime Guarantee with over 10 years experience having the most complete sealing system saving you 15-20% on your energy bill. #1 place to start for drastically increasing home air quality. Eliminates immediately years of mold build up and stops critter intrusion. #1 Home Health Concern by CDC is Mold. Sealing your crawl space preserves your hardwood floors and homes floor system.
Vented vs Sealed
110% sealed crawlspace Gaurantee.
NC Test Study Sealed Crawl information
NC 12 Home Sealed vs Vented Crawl Space Case Study
#1 place for home energy efficiency. With over 10 years experience the Sealed Solution Team is the area’s most established spray foam company!
Video: Sealing attic spray foam reduces your energy bill between 35-50+%. Spray Foam more than pays for itself the first day that’s why the majority of Builders spray foam their personal homes.
Insulating Your Garage
Insulation installation all comes down to the installers. 5 members of our Team of installers have won the US Installers competition in the past 8 years. This ensures 1 or more members of our crew at your home are Nationally recognized Installation Experts and know exactly what the finished job needs to look like in order to gain optimal performance and that the job is done perfectly the first time.

Energy-efficient improvements deliver better performance, greater comfort,
and lower utility bills that pay for themselves quickly!

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The Stack Effect has a great effect on your wallet in that the home investments you make today will lock in a lifetime of savings or regrets.
We understand that:
-Home decisions are pretty permanent and usually can’t be undone easily or inexpensively
-Building technology changes each month as builders learn of better practices.

We will do our best to put before you in this website the latest technology in regards to building practices that we know today in order to assist you in making the best decision for your health and your wallet. Many of the solutions investments are $5 a month spread over a 30 yr mortgage … but will save you $60-$100 in energy costs per month. I want to show you how investing money will put money BACK in your pocket each and every month with new or existing homes.


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