Why get rid of the mold if its only going to grow back if you keep the same circumstances?

We clean a crawl like our family will be living in it.  Here are the steps we use:

1st: plan to seal your crawl right after you eliminate the mold.

2nd: Take out the moldy, dirty old insulation before you start to eliminate the mold.
-DIY:  Borrow a friends pick up truck and make 2-3 trips to the dump for $17 a dump
………..or Borrow a trailer  for your homes crawl insulation in it.  ex: 10 x 7 x 7 can hold 1500 sf homes insulation
if you have a Sealed Crawl company do this for you a 1500 sf home takes 1 hr to remove the insulation with a 3 man team.  So 1 hour labor and mileage and dump fee should be charged and not $1200+.

Wiping vs Spraying to eliminate mold.
I have seen hundreds of crawl spaces wiped with sponges and solution and hundreds pressure sprayed with solution and I feel that pressure spraying is 1000 times more effective for getting a clean new surface and removing any unwanted matter from your joists and your ceiling of your crawl.
Many crawl sealing company’s use a sponge and solution.  More times than not I see beams now smeared with mold and solution dying the wood with black smears. A sponge also cannot get to all spots behind pipes, ducts and electricals.  Spraying gets to it all and doses it and rinses it clean leaving the solution behind to continue to keep mold from coming back.  I also spray all pipes, electrical wires, AC unit, walls and pillars.  NOW its disinfected and clean to seal properly.

I have seen hundreds of homes that aren’t sprayed and they are sealed with mold all throughout there crawl.  Sad!

4th: Now seal the home and you have started with a clean new crawl

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