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Ford F-150

I called about it and spoke with Tony 352-215-4042 and wanted to buy it and they said they would call me back….which I thought was odd…  20 min later Corey? called back they said it had been sold.

I had recorded that call because I record all my calls because I use some as sales tools to critique myself.

My friend who lives near the lot went down to the lot and was toured the truck and sat down with a sales person to buy it and manager came over to have them buy it today.  “What can we do today to put you in that truck”.  And there price was over $17,000.  They friend said they had to think about it and my friend walked out and called me.


And if they say True Car never has trucks priced that low … immed after looking at the F-150 I found this truck.  So they set there price and need to stick by it!

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