Mold Removal in Raleigh

Your crawlspace might not be frequently used or thought about, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to consider when it comes to protecting your home. This space needs proper insulation, attention and protection, to make sure it doesn’t become problematic.

Sealed Solution provides best-in-class crawlspace solutions to homes, tailoring our approach to the unique demands of your home. Whether you need a complete spray foam solution or a reliable vapor barrier and mold removal services in Raleigh, NC, count on us to provide a smart, sustainable solution.

Vapor Barrier

Vapor Barrier

Mold festers in cool, damp, dark places, which means your crawlspace is a prime location for mold to develop. A vapor barrier laid down will prevent mold spores from rising up and latching on to the joists, where colonies can quickly develop and spread. We use 6 and 10mm vapor barriers to suppress mold growth and prevent it from spreading in your crawlspace. We don’t just tarp over existing problems, either—we take care of all existing mold removal in Raleigh, NC!

Sealed Vapor Barrier

In addition to preventing mold spread with a vapor barrier, sealing that barrier also traps dirt and other debris, preventing it from entering your home’s airway. More than just keeping your air quality higher, running sealed vapor barrier up pillars and pipes also improves the insulation value of this space, which could raise your home’s efficiency by as much as 15%!

Crawl Space Encapsulation

The gold standard in crawlspace protection, encapsulation removes your old home insulation in Raleigh, NC and replaces it with a layer of spray foam insulation. The entire space is sanitized and protected, improving everything from air quality to efficiency and beyond. Plus, spray foam is a waterproofing agent that will guard your home against water intrusion and pests.

Every single crawlspace solution we provide comes with a 110% satisfaction guarantee. This means not only will you be completely satisfied with our efforts, they’ll also stand up to the highest industry standards of any home inspector, mold removal company or other expert! Contact us today at 919-302-1081 to schedule a free inspection and learn more about the right sealed solution for your crawlspace.

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