2 Ways to regulate humidity in your crawl space.

1.  Buy a $1500++ built in hardwired dehumidifier that needs an electrical to install.
dehumidifier crawl space, crawl space solutions, crawl space dehumidifier, sante fe dehumidifier, crawl space dehumidifier Many of my competitors clients say its too noisy and simply turned it off!  Some had there’s turn off for years and never knew.

2.  Install an Air Supply Line for $10.crawl space solutions, sill plate insulation, insulating sill plate, insulated sill plate, insulation sill plate
A 4 inch hole is placed strategically in the distribution box of the AC duct system.  They are installed 1 per 1500 sf with 30 inches of average height.  This lets around 35 cfm of air enter the crawl and lightly condition your crawl space air with dry temperature controlled air.  I have never seen a dehumidifier in the 1000’s of new construction homes and they all passed inspection.
I feel companies add these in because they can and additional profit is attached on to that rewarding the company.
I feel if a rubber sealed backflow prevented air supply line that costs $10 can do a better job at far less initial cost and reoccurring monthly costs…why would anybody ever recommend a built in dehumidifier?????

I’ve never seen an Air Supply Line catch fire under the house…doh!!!

Buyer Beware!!!


Initial Cost      Reoccurring monthly cost

Dehumidifier              $1500+                $25-35

Air Supply line               $10                        $0

air supply, wrong air supply,

Most sealed crawl companies use a $3 louvered dryer vent cover for your air supply line cover.
Whats wrong with it is:
*Critters can EASILY lift up the louver and get ALL THROUGHOUT your duct work and house and poop and pee and you would never know.  But your air quality will be horrendous!!!

*If your crawl has radon gas …although it is heavy it could get to the height of your louvered air supply line and EASILY flow in to your air that gets pushed throughout your home.  That’s why they DON’T ALLOW a AC return in your crawl space.