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We first clean up the crawl floor of all bricks, block, roots, rocks …etc
Then we put down 6 mil plastic so now we have a clean dirt free surface to work atop
Then we put down the WHITE 10 mil. plastic and now it lays down VERY CLEAN because of our previous steps.

White is very bright and lights up your crawl space
White shows all imperfections, all seams untaped all loose tape
We also put lights around the crawl space so ANY black shadow is a imperfect spot in the 10 mil and we address it.

-Many companies use black.  Black hides all imperfections.  There is no way of knowing if a seam in the back is untaped and is now a mice and snake throughway.  Every single holes needs to be taped up in order to keep critters out.

One company uses a aqua blue colored plastic:
–  If you have a water leak and you have pooling water you’ll never see it on an aqua blue plastic!
Again it hides imperfections.