Testimonials just requested … thank you for your patience!

Thank you for being patient with us; explaining the different alternatives for the crawl space.  I understand that we started with the basic install and an do upgrades that will build upon what was already done.  You replied promptly; you were on time; you kept us apprised of the progress and you even assisted with a minor repair that another contractor failed to do.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  If I can provide a recommendation for you, feel free to use our name.
Thanks for a job well done,
Michelle and Kirstin H  Durham


Our 15 year old house has been a bit of a money pit, so it was no surprise to discover our crawlspace had deteriorated from moisture problems. Although I rarely visit the crawlspace, when I did, I noticed the space and dirt floor was always damp. It was coming from the HVAC system condensation, and our back patio had sunken down and towards the foundation. I knew about that, but never realized it was funneling water right into the crawlspace. In the summer time, the crawlspace looked like a rain forest from the condensation. I started looking for a fix and discovered this “sealing” repair method, and it sounded like what we needed.
I talked to Matt at Sealed Solution, and scheduled an evaluation and estimate. Continued   Chris-Garner



Matt and the Seal Solution team were the easiest folks to work with for our Clayton house. We have a moisture problem in our crawl space, and Matt came out to take a look at it with us. Matt gave us a couple of options, and as “do it yourselfers”,  we chose to buy some supplies from Matt, and give it a shot. Once we really started looking at the situation, and some of our obstacles,  we asked what the cost would be for them to do it. The sealed solution team came in much cheaper than the other quote we had gotten 1 year earlier, when we bought the house. We decided it was worth the price to have it done right by the professionals. They came in one day and it was done.. We didn’t even have to be there. Very simple.  Matt came back to make sure everything was sealed and give it his blessing. They were friendly, professional, and really cared about giving us the best price, and doing it right! Thanks Matt and team!
Doug and Trudy  C. –  Clayton


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